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This important archival collection covers over 25 years of research and creation, certainly by Xenakis himself (original documents regarding le Polytyope de Mycènes (1978) or Taurhiphanie (1989) for example), but also by many other composers who worked in the UPIC Workshops: Mâche, Ferrari, La Monte Young, Bancquart, Estrada, Pape, Risset, Stockhausen, Vaggione, Reynolds, Levinas, Roads, Teruggi, Robindoré ... and many others.

The 40 linear meters of archives deposited at the Rouen University Library of Arts and Humanities consist of manuscripts, transparencies, scores, tapes, discs, DATs, books, press, correspondence, etc.

In addition, many educational activities carried out in France and abroad by the association since 1985 around the UPIC are also reflected in this rich, unique and diverse collection.

To explore the archives it is possible to browse the collections (by media type), or consult the tag cloud associated with our already digitized archives. Finally, it is possible to perform a search using the search bar at the top right of our site.