Programme of the colloquia : from Xenakis to the present: the Continuum in music and architecture (University of Cyprus, 2016)



Programme of the colloquia : from Xenakis to the present: the Continuum in music and architecture (University of Cyprus, 2016)


Since the Classical era and the Middle Ages, and in particular since Plato’s Timeus, the concept of continuum has preoccupied thinkers. In the early 20th century, this notion was reactivated by the theory of relativity as well as other theories such as the uncertainty principle, changing our perception of the world, and consequently artistic discourse. Even if this upheaval corresponded to technological advances on the one hand and the collapse of the romantic model on the other hand, it was only around the middle of the 20th century that artists adopted these new physical and metaphysical concepts, prompting new creative tools, especially in music and architecture.




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