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Extrait de l'argument du colloque : "Plus que tout autre créateur du XXe siècle, Iannis Xenakis incarne cette double capacité créative
de musicien et d’architecte. Ses Polytopes, grands précurseurs du New Media Art, sont la preuve
de sa vision…

Architectural and music computational models have profoundly affected the ways we describe, interpret and evaluate existing architectural and musical works as well as the ways we design new works in both domains. Two aspects of these computational…

This paper looks at how sound, light and shadow performances could be achieved by the method of granulation and layering as demonstrated by the work of Iannis Xenakis and Laszlo Moholy Nagy. The similarities as well as the differences in the two…

In his book «Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks and Tools”, Philip Plowright explains that every knowledge coming from an external discipline needs to be translated in order to be used as a designs principle in other discipline. This…

In the same way that the Cosmatesque floors in San Benedetto in Piscinula affect
the way one interacts with the space consciously or subconsciously, Norman’s use of
palindromic musical gesture give a structure through which to process movement…

A later work (1966), the holiday house Xenakis designed for a musician, his friend F.B. Mâche, the only work realized in Greece (Xenakis and...Plato’s homeland), does not seem to exhibit the Pavilion's formal continuity: arranged in five independent…


White Box
the space of exhibition
the space of installation
edited and reduced to accomodate fine art

Black Box
the space to facilitate
the space to make possible
expanded and diffused with performance

The proposition seeks…

Parmi les nombreuses voies explorées par Xenakis, tant en musique qu’en architecture, la notion de continuum est centrale, liée aux sources de sa pensée autant qu’à sa recherche formelle – sans négliger, bien entendu, les nombreuses rencontres qui…

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