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UPIC Workshops


The UPIC and graphics tools for sound creation

Our UPIC workshops are tailored to individual skills and desires. They are interdisciplinary in nature and allow a lay public, be it in music or the visual arts, to exercise their power of imagination, ignoring any cultural barriers.

Various possibilities offered by information technology to draw sound (and assist in musical composition) are explored, beginning with the UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu, created in 1977 by Iannis Xenakis), the latest working version of which is PC program dating from 2001. Other software programs are also discussed, including IanniX, HighC and Max / MSP.

A first session prepares participants to pursue their own personal work, followed by a second session, several weeks later, dedicated to refinement and realization of new works.

Requirements: preliminary work (requiring 3-4 days presence) will take place on independent workstations, each occupied by two people.

In addition, a more general workshop of 2 hours may be proposed for external audiences.

The classroom should be equipped with a video projector + screen and a table.

Each workstation should include:

- Stereo listening (amp + 2HP) or stereo output to a central console, or headphones.

- A PC or Mac equipped with Windows

Such UPIC Workshops are held each semester on the campus of the University of Rouen. Others have already taken place in London (Southbank Centre for the Ether Festival), in Germany (at the ZKM in Karlsruhe), Le Havre (in the PiedNu Festival), at Lycée Raymond Queneau to Yvetôt, etc.

These UPIC Workshops are led by Rodolphe Bourotte, composer, founding member of CIX.